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First Records, New Species, and a Key of the Charipinae (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea: Figitidae) From the Nearctic Region

Mar Ferrer-Suay, J. Selfa, J. Pujade-Villar
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1603/AN13077 50-73 First published online: 1 January 2014


The Charipinae material deposited in the United States National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution) and some specimens deposited in the Canadian National Collection of Insects from the Nearctic region have been revised. In all, 337 specimens have been included in this study and 27 species have been determined. Sixteen species are reported for the first time from the Nearctic region: Alloxysta arcuata (Kieffer, 1902), Alloxysta brevis (Thomson, 1862), Alloxysta castanea (Hartig, 1841), Alloxysta citripes (Thomson, 1862), Alloxysta darci (Girault, 1933), Alloxysta fracticornis (Thomson, 1862), Alloxysta halterata (Thomson, 1862), Alloxysta macrophadna (Hartig, 1841), Alloxysta mullensis (Cameron, 1883), Alloxysta pilipennis (Hartig, 1840), Alloxysta postica (Hartig, 1841), Alloxysta proxima (Belizin, 1962), Alloxysta ramulifera (Thomson, 1862), Phaenoglyphis heterocera (Hartig, 1841), Phaenoglyphis salicis (Cameron, 1883), and Phaenoglyphis stricta (Thomson, 1877). Seven new species are described: Alloxysta buffingtoni Ferrer-Suay & Pujade-Villar n. sp., Alloxysta huberi Ferrer-Suay & Pujade-Villar n. sp., Alloxysta neartica Ferrer-Suay & Pujade-Villar n. sp., Alloxysta texana Ferrer-Suay & Pujade-Villar n. sp., Alloxysta vicenti Ferrer-Suay n. sp., Phaenoglyphis jeffersoni Ferrer-Suay & Pujade-Villar n. sp., and Phaenoglyphis kenaii Ferrer-Suay & Pujade-Villar n. sp. Diagnoses are given for the species newly recorded in this region and their main diagnostic features are present in different plates. New species are completely described and illustrated. A key to identify the Charipinae present in the Nearctic region is also given.

  • Figitidae
  • Charipinae
  • Alloxysta
  • Phaenoglyphis
  • Nearctic region

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